About us

Welcome to Cowberry Workwear
Established in 2021 and launched in 2022, Cowberry Workwear is a new British brand supplying quality, durable outdoor workwear to women that is also comfortable, feminine and stylish.
After struggling for years with never having the right clothes for outdoor work ,I decided to see if I could create a solution.
Our aim is to provide workwear to women that doesn't compromise on practicality , comfort, or femininity, something which I felt was lacking from the current market of clothing options. 
Our workshirts are designed and tested by women to ensure they are suitable for whatever the day throws at you,farm work,machinery operations,gardening,animal care,equine,decorating,DIY,property maintenance,to name a few!.
Our base layer tops are 100% designed and made in the UK, meaning they are of the highest quality and the lowest carbon footprint.
We hope to grow our product range further to include outdoor coats ,trousers, hats, gloves etc. Any feedback you may have or suggestions are all appreciated, please go to the contact page and drop us an email.
Disclaimer : Cowberry Workwear is not certified PPE, and is not claiming to meet any safety regulation, items are for personal use at your own risk. Cowberry Workwear takes no responsibility for any workplace incidents or injuries that occur whilst wearing our products.